Some non-conspiratorial feedback from The Netherlands

Dear CNN,

Being a frequent and persistent watcher of CNN – ever since the first bombs on Bagdad – I feel obliged to confide to you that your coverage of that silly and possibly dangerous narcissistic clown at the WH is as silly, possibly dangerous and narcissistic as its object. Like most other media – including the debilitating asocial media – CNN appears to have decided to confine communication to babbling within its own bubble, the coverage of the election of 2020 being a case in point.

A well-intended advice: at the next election CNN should start the coverage only after all the votes and ballots are in and have been counted. That saves a lot of ‘bullshit’.#

With kind regards, Dr WW

# ‘bullshit’ in the senses of Carl T. Bergstrom and Jevin D. West, Calling Bullshit, The art of scepticism in a data-driven world, Allen Lane, 2020.